Good Golly It's Molly!

Now that's good punishment!

Today on The Morning Blend we asked our viewers, "What's the best punishment your parents ever gave you?"  And, "Did it work"?  We got some great responses on Facebook.  We also heard some really good ones from a few of our guests.  Here are two of my favorites and why:

1.  Our Hunger Task Force guest said when she was a kid, her dad would make her or her siblings do -- or "perform" -- the misbehavior in front of him.  When her brother got in trouble for smoking he made the boy smoke a Lucky Strike cigarette without a filter at the dinner table!   None of the kids in her family ended up being smokers.  That punishment worked because it forced the child to examine the misbehavior in a very "sobering" place and time. 

2.  Our guest from Aurora said her best friend growing up had a father with an unusual idea for discipline.  Whenever his kids would misbehave, he would cut their hair!  When they were in high school it really worked.  His philosophy was that if you're going to embarrass me as your parent -- I will embarrass you right back!  Why does that punishment work?  Because it's so hard core!

We also had a viewer who wrote in about not cleaning the litter box.  Her mother took both of the family's cats to the Humane Society and left them there!  She picked them up the next day, but I imagine there were a lot of tears before that -- and they probably never forgot to clean the box again

My mom washed my mouth out with soap for being extra sassy one day when I was a kid.  If you've never tasted it, let me tell you that soap tastes bad.  That type of punishment is effective because it's memorable.  It's pretty hard core, too.  I don't advocate cruel and unusual forms of punishment.  There are too many parents who abuse their children.  However, in my opinion, effective and firm disciplining starts with unusual ideas, swift and decisive parenting --- and a punishment that fits the crime.  What do you think?

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