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stay or go?

On Tuesday Tiffany and I attended a luncheon and the keynote speaker talked about girlfriends and choosing wisely.  She said sometimes it's okay to let go of a friendship -- but how do you know when to do that?

I liked her advice.  She said you should ask yourself this question -- how do you feel after spending time with that friend or talking to her on the phone?  Do you feel "lifted up"?  Do you feel positive energy, a sense of well-being?  Do you feel supported?  Do you feel like she really listened?  Do you feel good about yourself?

On the other hand, do you feel like your energy has been drained?  Do you feel a sense of negativity?  How do you feel about seeing that person again or talking to them again?  Are you okay with the idea that you might not see them or talk to them again soon?   Did your friend do all the talking?  Do they gossip and complain?  Do you feel bad about yourself?

The author at our luncheon said you should trust your gut.  If you're getting a nagging, negative feeling -- it might be time to consider letting this friendship go.  Maybe you just need to give it distance or space.  She said that's okay and you don't need to feel bad about it, even if it's a family member.  She says you should not invite negativity into your life -- especially because you probably have so many friends who make you feel positive.  Hang on to those.  Let the other ones go. 

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